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    Hi folks,

    Since July of last year I am a keen owner of the “iconic” Nokia N9 MeeGo-Harmattan; I love the phone.

    It appears that Blackberry has been studying the N9 and has been heavily inspired by the card-like true multitasking feature of the N9, the buttonless design and the swipe actions ! Fine with me because this would make the transition to BB10 quite easy ! Yes indeed, I’m considering to buy a Q10 or perhaps the rumored slider... and I’m following Crackberry for a couple of days now.

    I’m a business user and I understand that a Q10 or a Z10 is, hands down, the very best device for handling email and calendar items (recurring bi-weekly or bi-monthly appointments for instance, not possible with N9) and editing MS Office documents with Documents To Go. Furthermore, even if the N9 has a truly nice touchscreen keyboard with haptic feedback, I still miss a physical keyboard…

    However I have three issues with Blackberry and I would like your “Crackberry advice”.

    1/ This is a minor detail, but it appears that there is no way to close simultaneously all the running card-apps on BB10, unlike the N9 ? One has to close every app by tapping the “x” ?

    2/ Unlike the N9 there is no possibility to use the BB maps offline on the device ?

    3/ This could be a deal breaker : quite a lot of Z10 and Q10 owners complain about serious problems when trying to Activesync the device with an Exchange (2010) server and self-signed certificates. Is this correct ? Can this be solved one way or another ? IMO this should work flawlessly as a BB is the only device for professional users…

    Thanks for your sharing your thoughts with me.
    08-09-13 04:36 AM
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    1. Not as of it never know if it will be there in the future. There is similar functionality I believe in OS 10.2 I could be mistaken that you can close all running apps once.

    2. No offline maps but if you are willing to pay there is a great third party app Mireo Don't Panic which I've had wonderful results with.

    3. I have no issues with active sync personally.

    Posted via CB10
    08-09-13 04:43 AM

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