1. Insomniac34's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    Longtime lurker here. I currently have the HTC Hero on the Android platform and have a chance to buy a new BB Curve 8530 for $140.

    Has anyone moved from Android to BB? Is $140 for the Curve a good deal? I'm still under contract so have to pay out of pocket for any new phone I get.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions!
    08-10-10 09:00 AM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Hello Wendy

    What do you use your phone for?
    for most consumers the 8530 would be a downgrade from the HTC Hero, and the fact it is an end of life device not getting OS6 reduces its value further.

    IF you need a PHONE, and something with a full day of battery life, the 8530 would be a good investment,

    if you have a lot of friends on BBM and you are missing out on communication, that would be another reason to switch.

    if you like surfing the net and watching movies, stick to the Hero.
    08-10-10 09:28 AM
  3. fecurtis's Avatar
    Nothing wrong with going from Android to BB...but I'd stay away from the 8530, go with a newer Blackberry or Android device.
    08-10-10 09:30 AM
  4. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    I would play around with the device (if possible) and see if it's something you would be interested in. The 8530 wouldn't be my first choice when picking out a blackberry. It definitely won't be receiving the new operating system (OS 6) that is to be released soon. Just not sure if it'll be the phone to wow you away from the Hero.

    That said, there are many people that own the curve and are quite happy. Keep in mind that it is the entry level Blackberry though.

    Hope that helps
    08-10-10 09:32 AM
  5. mniniSnowta's Avatar
    I got a buddy with android as well who wants to makea swich to bb. After he played with my 9700 he realized he don't need all them fancey apps a such. just a simple phone with good battery life an a stable os. Don't get me wrong android makes a exelent os but its more of a opinion on who likes what phone. Blackberrys arnt for every one I tell you that I know people who buy a bb cuz its a bb an they have no clue what the phone really does. The famous line I here out of blackberry posers is why can't it be like an I phone its sad but it happens. But you will love your berry its a great phone that offers a lot yet has so little in a good way

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    08-10-10 09:46 AM
  6. Insomniac34's Avatar
    Thanks so much everyone.

    I also found and read the BB vs. Android thread; that gave me some good ideas.

    I've found that the Hero is great for people who like touchscreens (I've gotten better at texting on a virtual keyboard but still make a lot of mistakes) and it's great for games and web browsing.

    However, I've had some trouble with the actual phone and dialer lag. I'm also not utilizing it fully for email because I'm not sure of the security.

    I do like that it connects to my SYNC system in my vehicle; I believe BB does that too though (I'll need to double-check).

    Lots to think about. Please keep the thoughts coming!
    08-10-10 09:50 AM
  7. flash24's Avatar
    My first BB is the 8700g from T-Mobile and I've had Blackberry since then. I switched to Android two months ago but couldn't live without my BB so I purchased the 9650.

    To answer your question, it doesn't hurt to try Blackberry. Android is great but BB is another beast.
    08-10-10 09:55 AM
  8. Hazysky's Avatar

    I have a Nexus One and a Blackberry Bold 9000. Both have their merits.

    Thought maybe I'd leave BB for android but no ..... I 'm a two phone girl now and it works pretty well. BB for messaging and android for everything else.

    Do what is best for you as only you can decide. Good luck

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    08-10-10 10:00 AM
  9. pkcable's Avatar
    I have 2 phone, a Bold 9650 and a Moto Droid. I just have the Bold active thou, the Droid, I mostly use as a toy for media, and games and as a digital camera. Works GREAT on wifi.
    08-10-10 10:03 AM
  10. _StephenBB81's Avatar

    Yes the 8530 Will connect to your in car Sync.
    The Bonus of purchasing the 8530 for $140 out right is that when your HTC Hero Contract expires you will now have extensive experience with both an Android phone and a Blackberry Phone, allowing you to make your next upgrade choice with more education.

    The keyboard on your Blackberry will be a fast learn, and if you don't have FAT fingers or really long nails it will become second nature.

    Your security concerns over email are really unfounded, unless you are using a secure email server the difference between your BIS blackberry and your HTC hero in terms of over the air security is nothing where your BIS Blackberry Security lies is on the phone its self, if you encrypt a microSD card on your blackberry, NO OTHER blackberry or device can read it, making your files free from being stolen, the password protection and encryption of the BB's are the best available.

    not to sound elitist but the Blackberry is the only real qwerty mobile phone option.
    08-10-10 10:03 AM
  11. Tõnis's Avatar
    Your security concerns over email are really unfounded, unless you are using a secure email server the difference between your BIS blackberry and your HTC hero in terms of over the air security is nothing ....
    Is this true on BIS even for BlackBerry to BlackBerry emails when both sender and recipient are using encryption?
    08-10-10 10:40 AM
  12. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Is this true on BIS even for BlackBerry to BlackBerry emails when both sender and recipient are using encryption?
    Blackberry to Blackberry emails?
    if you mean PIN messaging then NO, the encryption stays through out,

    I believe that even with carrier.blackberry.net address to carrier.blackberry.net you are subject to the same snooping as gmail.com to gmail.com
    08-10-10 11:09 AM
  13. Tõnis's Avatar
    @deRusett -- Thank you.
    08-10-10 11:11 AM
  14. Insomniac34's Avatar
    Thanks again everyone.

    I think I'll stick with my Hero for now. I know its quirks, and I know every smartphone has issues. However, with the new Android phones coming out soon, I may not get enough for my Hero to break even with cost and the new BB Torch looks good too. For now, if I do get a BB, I'd rather pay a bit more for the Bold over the Curve so I'll keep an eye out.

    I'll probably lurk around here though and gather more good information before my next upgrade.
    08-10-10 03:20 PM
  15. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I dont think that there is anything wrong with going to a BlackBerry from a Hero. The Hero is under powered and is frustrating because of the intense lag. I like the BB OS and the hardware. It's very simple, convenient, efficient, and reliable. The battery life alone Is worth making the switch. Android is great, but only if you have the hardware to support it. The Hero doesn't do a good job of that.
    08-10-10 07:29 PM
  16. aznlgcy's Avatar
    Everyone has different needs out of there phone, so technically you should know what you use the phone for and which model is right for you
    08-10-10 08:43 PM
  17. paperflower's Avatar
    i can't imagine switching to any other phone.. i've been so devoted to the blackberry! ahh
    08-11-10 04:40 PM
  18. iMiiTH's Avatar
    Get the 9650, my 8530's screen is the **** compared to the Bold's.
    08-11-10 05:55 PM
  19. Wolf-Strong's Avatar
    I moved from a 8330, to a 9630, to a Droid X, back to my 9630. The Android OS is fantastic if you like to browse the web, play games, and watch videos, but if you are like me and your web browsing is mostly just forums (Bolt browser handles this great), email, texting, and basic apps like Pandora, Facebook, Netflix, Flixster, and Youtube (though realize it is a smaller screen), then the BB is my #1 choice. I even prefer the BB to a Droid for music, as the physical buttons work GREAT for skip forward/back, pause/play.

    Oh, and I got my 9630 from Craigslist for $150, and waiting for the next best BB to release for my now waiting upgrade. Just sayin...
    08-12-10 01:24 AM