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    I'm wondering if I should get a Blackberry? I am a high schooler whose main phone uses are web browsing and moderate texting. Pretty much non-existent email, moderate phone calls, and rare gaming needs (I have a Vita and a 3DS XL, so gaming is pretty low on my phone). I have an iPhone 3GS, so I'm pretty used to the touchscreen and typing on it. I love the web browsing, and I'm super invested in iTunes. My contract is up in December, and I've been hearing lots of buzz around Blackberry. None of my friends have BB's and most have iPhones. Should I get a Blackberry or iPhone 5.
    08-28-12 11:54 AM
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    Ok, you are in a bit of a sticky situation, right now, the 9860 may appeal to you. However, the imessage app may be something of an appeal as well. Since none of your friends have bb, it makes almost no sense for you to get one.
    The next Gen bb10 is coming in January and that is supposed to be amazing (read CB).

    That's why you have to choice between imessage or blackberry.

    I'm saying imessage because if your friends have iphone, then that's a better choice.

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    08-28-12 12:13 PM