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    Any of you guys gone to an iPhone from a BB, or vice-versa?

    I was on VZW for years, then got excited about the Storm, then got seriously let down when it came out. So disappointed, in fact, that I went to AT&T. I was between the iPhone and the Bold, and I went with the Bold. I like it a lot, though I've been contemplating exchanging it for the iPhone. It's a tough call.

    Here is a list I made last night of personal pros/cons with the two devices.

    music sync/8gb
    better gmail imap integration (doesn't need gmail java app)
    looks cooler on screen (UI)
    3rd party gcal sync that works properly (Spanning Sync)
    built in contacts sync
    on screen keyboard
    Native To Do app that syncs with ToodleDo (my task manager)
    pinch zoom in gmaps, etc.
    apps store

    no mms
    no video

    physical keyboard/trackball
    faster to operate
    looks cooler physically
    can do mms
    can do video
    free gcal/contacts sync (with Google mobile app--somewhat buggy)

    gmail/imap works but only with Google App
    built-in IMAP is generally busted if you aren't a corporate exchange user; only unidirectional deletion sync and no IMAP folder browsing (very disappointing)
    bluetooth won't work with Mac
    Can't use as a drive on Mac
    Mac support generally busted
    no app store

    I tried to make the list insightful and not just the obvious stuff. If anyone has any thoughts or feelings regarding switching or having already switched one way or the other, please share. Thanks.
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    Just do a search here for the IPhone and start reading through the various threads and you will see that most folks here that have, or tried the iphone went back to their bb's and like them more. This guy that works for me got a Curve through ATT a while back, within his 30 day trial period the iphone came out and he wanted it instead, now he wishes he kept his Curve and I laugh at him when he talks about how he should have kept the Curve.
    12-02-08 03:18 PM
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    I've tried the iPhone and can't stand it- in my mind once you've been on a BB the iPhone is so limiting. I was playing with my friend's and actually nearly chucked it accross the room. It's an entertainment device.
    12-02-08 03:57 PM
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    One thing you will be disappointed with is battery life of the iphone. I just got the bold a month ago and gave up the iphone 3G. Let me tell you that the battery life is horrendous. Yeah you have the option to turn 3G off in hopes the battery lasts longer but it still doesn't even closely measure up to the bold battery life. I had to keep a cable around at work so it wouldn't die before the end of the day. I'm a heavy texter. I also surf a little on it at website that work would consider (questionable). So to keep out of trouble i would use the phone. That was one of the big major headaches with the iphone. Also the bold's memory is upgradeable as well as the battery replaceable. I also got an extra battery for the bold as well. So far with all that I've thrown at the bold, it still manages to last all day. Just yesterday i was on the bold and I was on Instango IM chatting, surfing myspace, & texting for 2hrs. Then after i was done surfing i started a movie and watched about 30min of it. Battery still lasted over 12hrs. If i did that on the iphone it would have been dead in 3-4hrs. All this on 3G for the bold because it can't be disabled. The blackberry is so much more user configurable as well. The iphone can do a lot more but you would hav to jailbreak it in order to do that.
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    what makes the iphone good is all the apps you can download.
    In the itunes store there are over 10k now.
    12-02-08 05:00 PM
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    I've tried the iPhone and can't stand it- in my mind once you've been on a BB the iPhone is so limiting. I was playing with my friend's and actually nearly chucked it accross the room. It's an entertainment device.
    Well, that was my original line of thinking, too, when I bought the Bold.

    Yet, something nobody has been able to explain to me thus far is this: if the BB is such a more "serious" device, why is (personal) IMAP support basically nonexistent, and along that same line, Gmail support? I played with my friend's iPhone for a few minutes last week and it has flawless Gmail IMAP support... it works like you would expect... like using the Gmail app on the web, and it keeps everything in sync.

    On the Bold, using push email gives you next to zero IMAP support (with Gmail or otherwise). It does not sync. You can download the Gmail app from Google, but then you cannot send/receive attachments. A busted solution all the way around.

    Sorry if I sound bitter... I'm just kind of shocked that after I spent so much on this Bold, it can't do basic Gmail functions as well as the "toy" iPhone. I talked to Blackberry and they basically said deal with it or get a BES or exchange account... But ehhh, that's not really an option for me, and shouldn't be required for something so simple.
    12-02-08 05:14 PM
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    it all comes down to if you like a touch screen or not. i have had the Bold for a few months now, and just got the iphone a few weeks ago. Not a fan of the iphone really, but that's because I need the full QWERTY. I just find it irritating to type on a touch screen.
    12-03-08 12:55 AM
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    i could never get used to the onscreen keyboard on the iphone. Tried it again the other day. still can't type a sentence that makes sense. so I would still choose the bold over iphone.
    12-03-08 01:33 AM