1. gurysimrat's Avatar
    i guess that would be great . like to choose default colors for our default apps like having a golden greenish keyboard for the bbm , or a royal blue color for the fb app. what's say guys isn't it a good idea.. i mean we can still stick to the default metallic look like color but choosing from a variety will only enhance the visuals..

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    01-05-14 12:03 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    I'm guessing here, that you are referring to the virtual keyboard on full screen phones? Being as BB 10 is SwiftKey - based, it is an interesting idea, but even the SwiftKey app, you choose one color theme at a time, I've not seen where it can be changed depending on function.
    01-05-14 12:53 AM
  3. Kingdmen's Avatar
    I think he meant the back lighting in the keyboard. I forgot if the Q10 has back lighting or not.

    Whether for touch or physical, the idea is good in theory. But in practice I feel like it would just lag the phone. Everything I do lags this damn thing (z10)

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    01-09-14 12:35 PM
  4. gurysimrat's Avatar
    ooh well u r right , but thats really a cool concept for the full touch screen phones.. as it will gie a new and fresh look to the cell's os... or they just make it to change with default color also
    01-10-14 08:02 AM
  5. ren596's Avatar
    Interesting Idea
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    01-12-14 07:58 PM
  6. deptech's Avatar
    I would like that option

    Posted using my beloved Z30 on
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    01-12-14 08:11 PM
  7. 3_M4N's Avatar
    I think it would be cool if we could change the back lighting of the hardware keys, just like we can change the color of the LED. I've seen videos of people installing them on their phones by tearing them apart and installing new lights. It'd be nice if we could just change them without having to tear anything apart. I picture being able to have a keyboard backlight that matches a phone theme or background picture.

    Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! ?
    01-12-14 08:43 PM
  8. hashtagwinning's Avatar
    Would it be particularly hard to change the back light of the keys on the Q10?
    01-13-14 01:20 PM
  9. edyts's Avatar
    I would love to be able to change the color of the back light on my physical keyboard, it may seem simple but that might interest some people into coming back to BlackBerry. I'd use the bedside mode orange kinda like the pumpkin color on swiftkey. This is a personalization that'd would stand out unlike a virtual keyboard, and a personalization no one else can really offer.

    Posted from my awesome Q10 viaa CB app
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    01-14-14 10:59 PM
  10. akdtor's Avatar
    I would like to be able to change the colour of the predictive text as well as the size. I find the white against the white keys hard to read. If I could change it to a different colour ie red, it would be easier to see. Also, being able to change the size of the predictive text would mean I'd have to use my glasses less so on a crowded subway this would be helpful
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    01-15-14 02:53 PM
  11. Maxz888's Avatar
    I think it will be awesome on the physical keyboard. That you can change the lighting in going in apps. For example, going in Facebook would change the keyboard lighting to blue, Whatsapp to green., Crackberry to orange....etc. just my opinion =)

    Posted via CB10
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    01-16-14 08:23 AM
  12. gurysimrat's Avatar
    yeah its an awesome idea...
    03-10-14 03:04 PM
  13. gurysimrat's Avatar
    yeah it would be great ... must spread the word guys
    03-10-14 03:04 PM
  14. gurysimrat's Avatar
    yeah dude ,, it will help alot of things .. and on the full touch keyboard too
    03-10-14 03:05 PM

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