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    This is crazy. The phone is still listed as "In Stock" and it is on back order. I ordered last week and was emailed that is on back order. I've tried a bunch of times to get any information on when we can expect our orders to be filled and I just get told, "sorry we have no information."

    I can't believe they're still taking orders, listing it as in stock, have no clue when it will come in, and will not let you cancel.

    Has anyone on back order received their phone? How long did it take for them to fill your back order?

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    04-07-14 12:55 PM
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    That would be frustrating....I'll remember when I order my white Q10.
    04-07-14 01:27 PM
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    BlackBerry Z30: A Hands-On Experience (Short Film)

    Tommy C a true BlackBerry aficionado has been working diligently on an epic hands on short film that takes you through a comprehensive look at the BlackBerry Z30 and all it can do with the latest BB10 iteration, 10.2.1. If you?re on the edge wondering what all the Z30 can offer you, fire up your YouTube player and watch this video. BlackBerry doesn?t market its own features, so at least we have proud community members who are willing to stick and showcase the awesome device.

    Tom does a great cohesive play by play covering a ton that the device can do. Not so much from a solely OS perspective, but how the Z30 can connect and empower experiences around you. Utilizing things like Miracast, Bluetooth, USB OTG, and more. This video is like an unboxing, case review, and highlight reel all in one!

    In his own word ? ?This is a short film I assembled that showcases some of the exciting highlights found on the BlackBerry Z30. The perspective in this review is that of both a Z30 user and a BlackBerry enthusiast. I created this to educate and inform people about the benefits that come along with owning a Z30, but I also painstakingly crafted each portion out of love for my Z30 and the BlackBerry brand.

    I hope that this film helps someone in their decision to purchase a Z30. It is a phenomenal device, and there are many other remarkable features that did not make the video (time constraints).

    All video footage was shot using a BlackBerry Z10, and all music tracks were provided courtesy of my friend Frenki. Thanks goes to James, N4BB, and the Berry Flow team for giving me pointers that helped me construct something really powerful. #TeamBlackBerry?

    Thanks for sharing this with us Tom! @nerdydaddyo

    Any other Z10/Z30 owners out there? What do you like about your all touch BB10 powerhouse?

    The Article BlackBerry Z30: A Hands-On Experience (Short Film) written by James Nieves

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    Mate, we're all lazy, have you got at least a clickable link that you could include as a courtesy, when "spamming" the forums with this post. ;-)

    I know you're very well meaning. Thanks anyway...

    "No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "
    04-09-14 09:17 AM

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