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    Back on November 22 I took advantage of the black Friday sale and ordered myself a Z30 from shop blackberry. Because I live rurally I used my Canada Post PO box as the shipping address. After the order went through and PayPal gave them my money I got a notice that said they don't ship to PO boxes.

    So I called shop blackberry on the phone and was told that I could not cancel the order... it would have to be shipped and then when finally returned because of an undeliverable address my money would be returned to me. So ok, I bought a second phone and gave an address in town to deliver to.

    December 5 I got two notices of shipment. Tracking them I expected one in my hand and the other to turn around at some point and go get my money back.

    Apparently they do, by fluke or otherwise, deliver to a PO box because now I have two phones. Instead of returning the one I decided to sell it to my cousin who has an old Bold and is ready for OS10. We are wondering what happens to any and all warranty for the phone... 30 days return from shop blackberry or the one year manufacturer warranty from BlackBerry. Are they transferable because it's a sealed box to the new owner. If something goes wrong does she call me for warranty or BlackBerry? How would that work if I chose instead to sell to a stranger on eBay or Kijiji?

    I called shop blackberry this morning and was told that any warranty stays in my name... if a purchaser has a problem within the 30 days then I have to submit the phone and btw the 30 days start when actually shipped so upon receiving these phones a week later I have less than 30 days. Manufacturers warranty they would not answer to... this came from a supervisor. I can call them to ask. BlackBerrys website says to call where you buy it from.

    These questions I pass on to the voices of experience in these forums. We see phones on ebay and the like advertised with full warranty. I see all this blowing smoke but not where it's coming from. Are warranties transferable on a phone in a sealed box?

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    12-15-14 08:47 AM
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    The PO box thing is funny. I'm also in rural Canada, am always told the couriers don't ship to PO Boxes. I usually put the street address of my brother's business as the address, my parcels show up at the post office, delivery card goes in my mailbox. Things work differently out in the boonies.

    As to the warranty, in my experience with electronics, all you usually need is an original receipt. I mean, if you buy something for someone as a gift, are you then forever responsible for their warranty issues?

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    12-15-14 09:18 AM
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    A good point about gifting... Will be handing over the receipt as well. And yes I'm still surprised Canada Post accepted the package from FedEx.

    BTW... Z30 with 10.31 rocks!! Here is hoping official coming from Santa or sooner...

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    12-15-14 09:31 AM
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    In this area the couriers have contacts with different businesses. FedEx for example sends their ground packages to the post office and the Air packages show up at my door on the same truck as the Purolator and UPS stuff. You might find your post office is actually the drop off for a courier or two if you ask. I know all this because I have a friend who works at the post office and her husband has the Fed Ex and UPS contract for the area. It's all very confusing. Somehow it works.

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    12-15-14 02:02 PM

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