1. KikiMayy's Avatar

    im so confused occasionaly when i go on to my bbm, it comes up with a little popup type thing that says a service certificate has run out and to go onto the my profile screen and check the blackberry messenger registration status.. it says it says registration has failed, so i retry it and he same message comes up again... bbm works but its irrritating,
    02-13-11 07:20 AM
  2. Jleeblanch's Avatar
    Hmm, that is weird. I don't think I have ever personally experienced this issue. Only time I've ever seen it say anything about registering is during the initial setup process.

    Have you checked to make sure you're running the latest version of BBM? If not than I'd make sure your BBM Contact List is backed up and then update BBM.

    If it is up to date, than what I'd try is deleting it and reinstalling it again. Make sure you backup your Contact List tho first because you'll be even more irritated if you lose those too!

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    02-13-11 07:04 PM