1. TroubleTrouble's Avatar
    Just a thought. It is incredibly annoying to see such disrespectful and rude responses when someone post a thread wondering where the Netflix, Instagram etc. apps are on BB10. I've seen so many people respond with comments regarding why they do not like using Netflix or why they don't care for Instagram, which is fine, but doesn't pertain to what most posters are asking. How many times are you going to call another member stupid or dumb or tell them to go get an iPhone just because they complain of a lack of their favorite app? Funniest part to me is that it's obvious that even the die hard blackberry fans know that those apps are NEEDED, but avoid speaking of it by making the apps seem worthless, lol. It just looks pathetic seeing some of you calling Netflix, Instagram, Google Maps and many more useless all because Blackberry doesn't have them. I understand being loyal and infatuated with a platform but damn why must you jump down someone's throat anytime they ask a question concerning Blackberry's short comings on the apps that are important to them? Also another observation though Blackberry 10 is outstanding, today's unveiling was among the most horrific train wrecks I've ever seen! My goodness why was TH even allowed to speak for more than 5 minutes? The forced reactions from the crowd were the worst part! Marketing is a huge part of the success when starting something new and today was a huge hype opportunity that Blackberry did not take advantage of...
    01-31-13 12:26 AM
  2. derpOverflow's Avatar
    Its been answered...they are working with Instagram and Netflix.
    01-31-13 12:44 AM

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