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    I am new BB user. I have too many troubles w/ BB. I am on verge on hating it but want to give one more chance.(cuz, may be I am just ignorant.) Anyway here is my list.
    1. Is there anyway BB can automatically adjust to in current timezone after turning it on. Say I am traveling from one time zone(Ca) to the other and i turned it off after boarding the flight and when I land to the other time zone and I switch it on BB is new time zone(Tx). My old nokia used to do that.
    2. For some reason my voice mailbox is records time of voice message in Eastern time even though I am in Pacific time zone. I think it was not like that b4 i went to Tx for some days. As I mentioned I had to set the time for phone manually each time. I am not sure if it has to do with voicemail box settings. Mind though I never ever touch the voicemail settings. I called t-mob rep several times they were not help wahtsoever.
    3.I have not subscribed for t-mobile's internet service plan but I have bought email service I have wireless internet at home and I am able to connect my BB to that wifi network and get UMA network sign . But I can't open any website other than t-mobile's. It says internet service subscription required. So my question, even though I am connected to internet, i have to buy internet service plan in order to use internet? I was under impression that if I am connected internet I can use it for any website. I know I should ask t-mob but I don't trust them,cuz Each rep gives me different answer.
    4. I can't load maps on my handset. It just shows message saying loading for eternity and never loads. One of the reason I got from t-mobile was: I did not buy internet service that's why maps application dos not load. Again that was one of the several reasons.
    I hope I get solutions for at least for first two questions.
    Thank you very much for your help. Please don't ask me to talk to tmob people
    12-21-08 04:21 AM
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    1) No. JeffH explains it better than I ever could :

    2) Try going to options > date/time and change the Date/Time Source

    3) I don't know much about WiFi enabled BlackBerrys but maybe
    this will give you some guidance
    12-21-08 05:05 AM
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    1, 2. Your BlackBerry needs to be told which time zone to use, after that everything should work OK. At least on some devices there is an option to time source 'from network' which should adjust to local time - IF the cellular network handles it correctly, which is not always the case. IMO you get better results if you set the time zone and clock manually, then simply flip the time zone as you travel. AG has pointed you to a good guide for the way time zones work on BB.

    3, 4. I get the impression you have only the basic phone service on your device, and you don't have the full BlackBerry data service. BB Maps needs the correct data service. You might be able to select 'Hotspot Browser' and get some kind of web browsing through your home wifi but it will never give you the full BlackBerry experience if you only have partial service enabled.
    12-21-08 08:37 AM
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    Verizon calls the unlimited internet and email plan "Blackberry Email". I remember there was some confusion when I first joined of whether I got unlimited data with that (but I do). I am not sure how T-Mo handles it, but I don't believe you should need to add another option on top of the BB email plan. You'll want someone with T-Mo specific experience to give you insight on that, as well as the hotspot wifi capabilities.

    As for BB maps, like what was previously said, it uses the data signal tp get the maps. If you have no signal, or are limited by your plan somehow, then you will not be able to use it.

    IMO, if there is an option to have data on your BB plan and you opt out, you are missing out on the most powerful aspects of the devices...

    Good luck, and I'm glad you haven't given up yet. These are the number one phones out there.

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    12-21-08 09:21 AM