1. JnglstTICAL's Avatar
    So, I use my BB for work and personal. I have my gmail inbox, and a separate sms txt box. I also have the default box that my work e-mail goes into, as well as missed calls, etc. Problem is, my gmail e-mail also goes into that box. Is there a way I can create a separate inbox. I want to completely separate my two emails on there (keep in mind I do have a separate gmail box).
    05-07-08 05:21 PM
  2. Go Blue's Avatar
    I'm presuming your work email box is BES -- you didn't mention.

    Anyway, ALL messages go into the "Messages" folders -- BES, BIS, SMS, MMS, Call Logs -- all of 'em.

    You can have a separate email folder for each BIS email account like your gmail account, and you'll only see your gmail there, but it will be in the messages folder too.

    You can set up your SMS and MMS to be in a separate box.

    But, your BES will be in the messages folder with all the other messages on the BB.

    Now, there IS one way to fix that. Get an application called BES Mailbox. It sets up a folder that has *only* your BES mail in it, so it looks just like a dedicated BIS folder. You will still have a "Messages" folder with everything in it, but you will also have a folder that has just your BES work email in it. A slick little app that solved the all-in-the-messages folder problem for me.

    Hope that helps.
    05-07-08 05:29 PM
  3. JnglstTICAL's Avatar
    That helps, thanks!!
    05-07-08 05:36 PM