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    I am trying to use the BB email feature to its full potential. Previously, I was confused about how emails are handled so they end up on the BB and in Outlook on the computer that was collecting POP email:

    forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=2935676 (sorry, I am below the 10 post threshold for posting links)

    With that resolved, I now would like to know how emails responded to via the BB can end up in the sent folder of Outlook on the computer that collected the POP emails?

    If the answer is by sync with desktop manager, is there a way to work around this if I want to collect emails on the BB from a computer that I do not want to sync with the BB? (business and pleasure computers have different contacts, different tasks and appointments)

    Thanks in advance. The help I have received here as been great! This site really helps a newbie get going.
    07-02-09 04:11 PM
  2. Busta-B's Avatar
    Yeah, log into your BIS or BES account and set up the auto BCC address and the auto forward address as an email... for example, I created a new Gmail account just so I could have copies of every email sent and received to my BB... Hope this helps!
    07-02-09 04:41 PM
  3. cavingjan's Avatar
    What I did was set up another email account and use the BCC option to send a copy of the email to yourself. Then in Outlook, add the account and set up a rule that any email going through this account is moved to your sent folder.

    The downside to this method is that your email is a little more likely to be caught in a spam filter as you are not only using an email server that does not resolve back to the return email address but it also includes a BCC. At least that has been my experience.
    07-02-09 04:42 PM
  4. Busta-B's Avatar
    The incoming email shouldn't get caught in spam on the auto forward, as long as you have your device mail set as "safe" or in the address book of the email addy you're forwarding to... basically that's all the mail that's going to that account... LOL
    07-20-09 11:44 PM
  5. mark-d's Avatar
    If your host supports IMAP then email sent from your Blackberry should automatically go into your sent mail folder.

    Using POP3 the only option is to BCC an address and include this in the outlook send/receive and put it into the sent mail folder manually.

    I have 2 main mail accounts on mine, 1 is IMAP and has no BCC as the messages automatically go into the sent mail folder, the other is POP3 and has a BCC to a separate address which outlook automatically puts into my sent folder upon send and receive.
    07-21-09 08:56 AM