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    My wife has a Kindle Fire, which has a great feature. If you need tech support, you can connect by video chat to a tech support person who can help you out free of charge. You can see the tech support person, but he/she cannot see you. The really cool part is that the tech support person can take over the Kindle remotely and fix the problem for you. They can even draw on the screen to show you where things are and how to do it yourself next time. You can use it even if you just want to learn how to do something on the Kindle and want someone to show you. This might be a good feature for Blackberry to implement.

    However, more importantly, I was thinking this might be a good way to sell Blackberrys in carrier stores. Representatives at carriers are not pushing Blackberry sales. That is just a fact. What if carrier stores had a working BB10 model that could connect to a Blackberry sales person who worked for Blackberry itself in a call center. It would be a video chat where the Blackberry representative could show you how BB10 works, draw on the screen to point things out, and answer questions. I imagine this would have to be limited to a certain number of stores as there couldn't be enough Blackberry representatives to do this for all carrier stores, but it seems like the kind of thing they could test out in a few larger stores and see how it goes. What do you think?
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    The problem with that is comparing Amazon's customer service to Blackberry's is comparing apples to oranges. Amazons' being great, Blackberry's being one of the worst in the industry.
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    Interesting idea, but how would this stand in terms of costs?

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    I have never had a problem with Amazon's customer service. It's always been an efficient, easy process. BlackBerry, on the other hand, sucks. I've bought from their online store once and I am hesitant to ever give them so little as a dollar ever again. They need to run their own store instead of farming it out to Digital River, who don't understand even the most elementary definition of "customer service". BlackBerry also needs more oversight in BlackBerry World, which also sucks. Apps are overpriced, there's a bunch seedy sex apps that don't convey a professional image, and purchased videos and music don't always download.

    Forget the advanced stuff like customer service features Amazon has. BlackBerry needs to learn and master the basics first.

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    03-30-14 09:29 AM
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    you know in BlackBerry 10 "screen share" Good idea OP!

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    03-30-14 09:32 AM
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    Interesting idea, but how would this stand in terms of costs?

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    Agreed. Amazon has a very different business model from BlackBerry, with their hardware taking the financial hit so that the user keeps buying the content. Blackberry doesn't have that kind of ongoing revenue stream to offset support costs.

    ETA: Also, funding tech support for an existing user base of many units, in which the tech support will be busy throughout the 8 hour day, is very different from having tech support on call for the much lower number of prospective buyers. The latter would be a huge money pit. Add to that the potential of existing users coming in to get actual tech support with no intention to buy and annoying the carriers.
    03-30-14 09:35 AM

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