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    I currently use a Nokia E72 and am thinking of switching to BB. The primary reason is security because I have reason to suspect that someone was downloading my email to their nokia handset via nokia messaging as well. In Nokia, there is no security when it comes to setting up an email account (i.e. as long as you have the email ID and password, you can set up an email account).

    In BB, is there some additional security required to set up an email address (i.e. does one need to set up a BB account with password and then does BB send an email confirmation to the registered BB account or anything like that? I guess, bottom line, is how much more secure is BB than Nokia in allowing people to set up email accounts for syncing. I know BB may be more secure in actual transmission of email (though not sure), but I am more concerned about someone somehow getting hold of my email passwords and setting up their handsets to recieve my email.


    06-07-11 11:46 PM
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    Iv'e owned both the e71 and e72 and like both phones. I then got my first blackberry...the 9700 and fell in love with it immediately. I was thinking to myself, "how could i have been missing out all these years".

    i like the keyboard on the 9700 better than the e71 and e72 because it feels less cramped to me.

    As far as secuity, from reading all the posts on this forum about Blackberry security and how it works compared to other smartphones, I think that you will be satisfied. i myself cannot explain how it works. maybe someone else can or you can search the different threads.

    Good Luck
    06-08-11 12:49 AM
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    You will need to provide your email and password to Blackberry to get your email, however, your info is safe. When you log on to your account to setup your email, your info is secured via standard SSL 128-bit encryption.

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    06-08-11 12:37 PM
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    With BlackBerry Internet Service, you will have an email account, an @carrier.blackberry.net email account, which will be tied to your device only. No one will be able to access this email account from any device (other than yours) or from any pc terminal anywhere. You'll also be able to use BlackBerry Internet Service to push emails from various other providers -- I'm currently pushing yahoo, hotmail, aol mail, and gmail -- to your device. You can set these other accounts up to push to your device through your account on the BIS web site (from your phone or computer) which itself will be protected with a password. You'll have to enter your passwords for your various email accounts into BIS when you set them up to push. Of course, your security will only be as strong as its weakest link. If someone goes on a computer, enters your gmail user name and guesses your password, of course s/he will still be able to get to your account settings and forward your gmail to some other email account. I also don't see what would stop someone who knows your gmail user name and password from setting up his own BIS account so that it pushes your gmail to his own BlackBerry. Why don't you start off by changing your passwords? There's no way to stop someone who knows your passwords from accessing your emails one way or the other. What I like about the email address that comes with a BlackBerry (the one I mentioned above) is that it can ONLY be accessed from the device it's tied to. It can't be accessed from any computer or from any other device.

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    06-08-11 01:16 PM
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    so as of today June 8/11 is the blackberry the safest smartphone to use in terms of security??
    06-08-11 03:12 PM
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    Our president thinks so.

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    06-08-11 09:45 PM