1. lcfut's Avatar
    I have been an avid BlackBerry user for several years now.
    This article I found today only secures my belief that the Apple devices are inferior to the security in a BlackBerry device.

    Group claims to have hacked iPhone 5S - CNN.com

    The group took a picture of a fingerprint from another source ( not the finger itself ) , inverted the picture, printed it on transparent paper, added printer toner and glue.
    Unlocked the new iPhone 5s with the printed fingerprint.

    If someone needs nothing more than a camera, some toner and glue to bypass the security of the brand-new Apple device.....
    I rest my case.
    09-23-13 01:12 PM
  2. cgr1971's Avatar
    You don't have to activate the sensor, you can still use a password to secure the device.
    09-23-13 01:38 PM

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