1. principal's Avatar
    We have a very secure wi-fi network here at school with multiple access points around the building. I am currently operating on BIS and would also like to use the wi-fi & UMA capabilities of my 8900 here at school. Hoping that some one can answer a couple of questions (or point me in the right direction); thanks!

    What will I need to do in order to access our network?

    Will accessing this network interfere with using my home network I use for UMA & wi-fi?
    02-17-10 12:16 PM
  2. hossra's Avatar
    All you need is the SSID (wi fi network name) and password to access the network. When you sign out (or simply move outside its range), it will end and have no impact upon your home activities.
    02-23-10 03:11 PM
  3. principal's Avatar
    Thanks hossra! Now if I can get the IT guys to hook me up!
    02-28-10 10:52 AM