1. Joyee_Dickens's Avatar

    As I need to travel a lot and cant rely on CD's and DVD's for backup of my important file. Can someone suggest me an online backup solution where I can access my docs on my BlackBerry effortlessly. Hope there is no security issue in this.
    06-18-09 02:38 AM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Just get a large capacity memory card and put your docs on it.

    Documents To Go can read and save your docs to your card (may need the Premium edition for everything you do).

    When you do have access to a computer, you can use Mass Storage Mode to make a backup of the files on your media card.

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    06-18-09 03:59 AM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    depending on file size, you could also email the files to yourself and keep them stored on the email server. then just delete the email off the handheld.
    06-18-09 04:04 AM
  4. Lonero's Avatar
    Go to Mozy.com You get 2GB of backup for free for life. Plus they have many plans to fit anyone's needs. I use them alot.
    06-18-09 04:08 AM
  5. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    Check out SugarSync. I saw it on AppWorld and looks like it's just what you're looking for.

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    06-18-09 04:54 AM
  6. Joyee_Dickens's Avatar
    I would rather be looking for service where we can sync files between PC and mobiles, any players in this which can give me cost effective mobile access feature?
    06-19-09 08:12 AM