1. hughes_bn's Avatar

    I recently got a 8110 and have been trying to use the BB maps which came installed on it. When I first got it i was able to open the maps application and and select find location then where i am. the blackberry would thing pin point my position on the map.
    now when i try to do it the phone just displays the message 'searching for satellites' which stays on screen for a long time before i loose patience and cancel it.
    have i changed a setting thats causing this to take a long time to find the satellite?
    any idea what gone wrong?
    10-17-08 08:44 AM
  2. H_D's Avatar
    Step outside and try to re-establish a connection.

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    10-30-08 12:25 AM
  3. YvilKittyInSpace's Avatar
    I had this happen last night while trying to use Garmin Navigator and then with Google Maps. I removed the battery for a minute when the phone was back up, I no longer had the problem.
    11-01-08 12:50 AM