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    I basically need something like whatsapp but that allows the same account to be accessed from many different dispatcher's/managers phones. (like google hangouts allows). This way, the delivery people can always message the same contact even if the dispatcher changes shifts to a dispatcher on their own device, working remotely.

    This seems to be harder than I expected. Hangouts doesn't work with blackberry.

    Needs to work with all the devices of the drivers and dispatchers: iphone, android, blackberry, desktop, ipad.

    Are there any options?

    I really like what I see from telegram. Too bad it won't work with blackberry or allow a shared account.

    I don't need bells and whistles. I like if there's a time stamp on each message and without having to hover over it. I guess this isn't vital.

    Thanks a lot.
    02-24-16 12:03 AM
  2. Rustybronco's Avatar
    I know nothing about this particular app, it's just something to consider.
    02-24-16 08:33 AM
  3. OksanaLuxemburg's Avatar
    Oh cool. I'll check that out. Thanks!!
    02-24-16 12:54 PM

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