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    Okay first of, is crunchsms as secure as regular mms/sms on BB? I won't go into detail as I gave a long, long post about it while on opera and it crapped out on me :/

    Also, am I correct that Opera and Blackberry browser show different IP addy's? Ordered 2 seperate things from a site and wasn't sure if it was from both these (I believe it was) but it was a while back so wasn't sure if it was from a friends iphone. Also if so, the blackberry must be more secure then as well if it is indeed, two seperate IP's

    Thanks in advance ladies and gents,

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    03-02-11 09:03 PM
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    I think Crunch is about as safe provided the app doesn't have any vulnerabilities or exploits in the code on purpose. As far as the different IPs, you're getting an IP of your BB and of the Opera server since the traffic is compressed from the Opera server to your phone. The BB IP is the one your provider gives you through your EDGE/3G/1x whatever connetion.
    03-02-11 10:55 PM
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    Ok so MisterObvious is the best name you could have chosen. So BB browser is better for privacy. I'm assuming still that a third party text that doesn't receive sms isn't as protected. Not sure why... The ads, the spam I seem to get to it at times, etc.

    Thank you for your knowledge, I appreciate truly appreciate it. I know lots but always lots to learn. So shopping online is best done thru BB browser for sure.
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