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    Please be aware of a company called WriteRight they sell static cling screen protection for the BlackBerry Playbook.

    The product described on the box doesn't reflect what is in the box. On the front it shows the film covering entire Playbook screen including the bezel. The product states "Covers entire front of screen", However what is in the box only covers the screen before the bezel leaving you a bump to slide your finger over. Not Cool!

    Some people out there might like that, But the type of film they use even causes your finger to drag as you flick or swipe.

    please beware of this product.
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    06-29-11 11:20 AM
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    I went with a Zagg shield. It's a little more but worth it. I would suggest you have it installed at Best Buy. I bought one directly from Zagg and messed it up installing it. Called them and they took it back and sent me a new one. Went to Best Buy and had them install it. They charge $15 but I had a $10 rewards coupon.
    06-29-11 11:56 AM
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    The company has told me they have old stock out there and have issued me a replacement that has been updated to fit. I found there customer rep easy to talk with and pleasant.

    I will try there product again.


    07-05-11 12:54 PM
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    07-05-11 04:53 PM