1. Blueberry_night's Avatar
    Being a total blackberry addict, I got a couple of them. Now, none of them screens light up when a sms/email arrives, making me having to look at the three of them to find out on which phone the message is...
    All of them being of the same colour and not being able to differentiate them (for reasons too long to explain) I was wondering if anybody knew if there was an option for the screen to "light up" when receiving sms/emails?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

    12-23-08 09:29 AM
  2. rachel0179's Avatar
    BBLight is a free app.

    Paid app examples aerize alerts, peekawho, (they also have pop ups for email and SMS - sender, subject etc)

    SMS Display On, and there is also Email Display On - all avail thru the app store,
    12-23-08 09:38 AM