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    I have my brightness set at 100% and automatically dim off.
    Under normal usage conditions, every now-and-then my pearl's screen is bright, bold & beautiful, but it is very rare - and very short lived (when it is bright - it dims after a few seconds), most of the time it is always quite dim.
    But when I use the phone at night in bed (when it's dark) the screen is BLINDING! I have to look at the screen side-on or else I would BURN my retinas!

    Is it possible that the light sensor is triggering the phone to be dim when the environment is bright, and the phone to be bright when the environment is dim?? It seems like this is exactly what it is doing, which to me seems the total opposite of how it should work...?
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    02-20-09 11:57 PM
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    I have the same issue with my curve and I have read on here the pearl is even more odd. For the most part it works fine but at times it acts like yours, sort of opposite of what I think it should be. Here is a post that might show that others have the same issue. It works oddly in my opinion....

    02-21-09 12:20 AM
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    Yes it is possible. My curves sensor is right by the trackball. My screen may be more dim, but if I put my hand over the trackball area my screen will get a lot brighter than it previously was. I have my settings set to the same thing you do. Mine also works the same way.

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