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    I'm a fan of a couple pf pages for blackberry in facebook. Occasionally, I submit some photography works that I do with some blackberry products, as seen on some samples ive posted in here months ago.
    Today, one admin asked for my BBM via facebook. I was reluctant at first if it was legit until I saw her facebook profile. Anyway, she gave me an invite to a blackberry event in the Philipppines on August 25. I got lucky there, but sadly, I won't be able to go because
    1.) i didnt book a flight
    2.) got university to do
    3.) got other commitments

    I've checked some photos and the event will be attended by some RIM officials and a couple of celebrities. Now, since it's an invite only party, does any of you know if they give freebies and maybe some playbooks and even a 9900? I wont be there but im just curious. Still sad though that I lost the opportunity. Would have been my FIRST blackberry event!
    08-21-11 03:01 AM