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    So this is it, the end of a lonnnng relationship with blackberry (a pearl, a curve, 3 bolds, & a torch). Im tired of my phone being a year behind the best, tired of looking at that black circling thinking clock (really what are you even thinking about always mr blackberry!) tired of pushing a button and having 2 wait 2 seconds and nothing... all while of course I pushed another button just to see if I pushed the first one hard enough so now 3 seconds later where am I, what screen is this now

    well it's been fun and I have bought many great apps from crackberry! (over 10) so thank you for everything but its time for me to get with the times now, that once amazing cutting edge workhorse is now just a lagging underpowered sloppy child that seems to mock me with every use, the buttons no longer make clicking sounds to me, they go haaa haa haaa!

    No I didn't hop on the iphone bandwagon although the iphone 4 is blowing us BB users out of the water. and the iphones 5 and 6 are already almost out, with the 6 going to be half the width of the 4. But I like being in control of my phone and it's features, making choices, good speed, 4g, better screens, etc... soooo I went with the android platform my phone is the new Samsung Infuse, almost picked the HTC inspire but glad I went with the infuse. I had the tourch last and was waiting for the tourch2 to come out, while waiting i started to compare other phones and got pretty disgusted with just how far BB fell behind.

    So Blackberry... um call me in 5 years when your processors are over 1.2mhz, or you're a dual core, or have 1gb ram, or screen resolution over haha well pretty much anything above what you are now, or be 4g, or maybe you'll at least get an 8mp camera with front camera included too and have 720p or 1080p video, or even when you can achieve just ONE of these things. Because these are all features that are out NOW.... not 5 more models away from these specs! so ahh, second thought........ I'll call you

    Best of luck to you all, and I truly hope BB finally gets with the program and doesn't turn out to be just the next palm
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    Good to know.

    Asta La Vista....people will never cease to amaze me!

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    You'll be back. With your tail between your legs.

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    Here is a newsflash for you, tech specs are always improving. Do you sign up for 2 or 3 year contracts with your phones?

    If so than you very impressive tech spec phone in June 2011 will be behind the curve by fall 2011. So if you want to keep up, you have to cancel your contract in a few months and buy a new phone and spend a lot of money. Tech specs are just numbers and usually takes years to see any big breakthroughs.

    Your phone has an 8 MP camera. OK, but did the 5MP Torch look THAT bad? You have 1.2mhz cpu speed, 1 gig of RAM, better resolution. And that gets you what? Slightly faster web browsing and no difference in appearance to the naked eye since the screens are too small for it to matter?

    I can play all my MP3's on my Torch, tether to my laptop, bridge to my tablet, take good enough pictures, web browse really well, and all why having the superior form factor of a touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, and trackpad all in one device. I can use apps that matter to me like Shazam, Facebook, Weather Channel, etc. and skip the useless ones.

    I am with you in that I want BB's to stay up with the times in tech specs, but I do not make my purchasing decisions based on some arbitrary numbers that have a minimal difference in what my phone does for me.
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