1. johnsmcjohn's Avatar
    I had an epiphany today and I'd like to share it. The biggest advantage iphones have is their touchscreen. So why not combine the best of both platforms. A physical keyboard and instead of a trackball or trackpad the interface is through the screen. I even have the perfect name: Black-i. You're welcome.
    08-13-09 02:03 AM
  2. Radius's Avatar
    Problem #1 is size, that's gonna be a big phone unless you keep the screen small like a Curve or Bold and just make that the touch screen.

    Second, I would argue that a touch screen is not an advantage. I hate them and so do the majority of people with phones that I know. For us the advantage is a non touch screen interface.

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    08-13-09 02:11 AM
  3. ridesno159's Avatar
    Rumor is the Magnum will have that, and haven't Palm's been doing this for years? It's not a BB though...
    08-13-09 02:23 AM
  4. cinmay's Avatar
    it is not a blackberry
    black-i ??just a fun!
    08-13-09 02:58 AM
  5. o0stryxs0o's Avatar
    I don't know if Black-i would work, but I bet Treo would!

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    08-13-09 04:34 AM