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    Over the last twelve months, I hope youve all seen the changes in how we interact with you, our BlackBerry developers.

    Youve seen us commit to you in a way that many have remarked upon, starting last year with initiatives including BlackBerry DevCon Americas, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha seeding programs, hackathons, BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando, and the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour that weve been running across 23 cities. Some of you have even said that this new Research In Motion (RIM) is the best platform company for developers to work with today.

    Earlier this year when Thorsten Heins took the reins as our new CEO, he was very open about the approach the company would be taking to this new platform launch. Yesterday, he delivered some tough news: a shift in timeline for the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform until the first quarter of 2013.

    When we in the Developer Relations group were informed of the news, our first thoughts were with you our development community who are continuing to work with us to build great new applications for BlackBerry 10. Youve got businesses to run, rent to pay, and investors to answer to. You are the folks who have skin in the game now, and arent just waiting for a new phone personally. We know this delay affects you, and were sorry.

    Despite yesterdays announcement, I want you to know that we remain strongly committed to you. While RIM continues to work towards the launch of BlackBerry 10, our engagement levels and plans for our joint success have not changed.

    The BlackBerry 10 platform is designed to offer developers the tools they need to drive a successful business, including simplified rich development; the ability to create, deliver and share powerful visually stunning content, quickly; and multiple paths toward monetization. We are committed to this launch, and to continuing to work with you to make this launch a success. We will work to ensure that the launch is executed brilliantly, with a complete platform that delivers the best experience for our customers.

    Over the last few months, the level of excitement, dedication and pride from our developer partners and from our employees has been both gratifying and humbling for me.

    My pledge to you is that we will continue to work with you, to invest with you, to create opportunities with you, to be successful with you, and to be worthy of the trust and support you have given us.

    Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations
    Research In Motion

    We’re committed. BlackBerry Developer Blog
    06-30-12 11:23 AM
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    06-30-12 11:32 AM
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    It would be great if Saunders could ask if Thor and the rest of the management feels the same.
    06-30-12 11:35 AM
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    Frankly, what else could he say?

    Kudos to him though: it was a well-written, strong post. Got the message across, and it struck the right balance between staying on message and having that personal touch. It felt real.
    06-30-12 12:21 PM
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    It's not his fault but a lot of his hard work got pissed away. He spends a lot of time and energy convincing people that there is a new RIM and now . . . everyone sees that it is still the same old RIM.
    06-30-12 12:24 PM