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    Well, the day has come. I am ready for an upgrade from my 9780, and unfortunately I (as a proud BB owner since os 4.5) do not believe the current os 7 phones are able to compete with other companies at the moment. Certain features of other devices entice me, such as facetime, siri (please dont give me the vlingo speach, doesnt compare.), the use of a stylus in an efficent manner, 4G(not faux g), ect.. I have considered all options and I think I am interested in the Galaxy Note. I like the idea and love the specifications of the device. Its truly a shame with the X'd BBX name confusing the typical consumer jumping to BlackBerry 10, and now talk of even BBM abreviation issues (though I doubt this will change). I believe had they of focused on less devices for thier os7 release, they would have done much better. Let me know what you think, or perhaps any other device recommendations.. and thanks for the memories RIM lol.
    12-23-11 07:28 PM
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    Well everybody is different eh. I just had a buddy who upgrade to os6 and he loved it! Lol I told him upgrade months ago and now he finally did it.....and myself, I love the os7, has everything I need eh

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    12-23-11 07:33 PM
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    I'm confused

    You want facetime and Siri which are iPhone 4S products, yet you want 4G, which is only available with Android / WP7 Devives?

    So you've chosen a Galaxy note?
    Well Enjoy.

    There is a thread http://forums.crackberry.com/general...t-here-260887/

    this should have gone to
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    12-23-11 07:33 PM
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    I went to an OS 6 9650 non-camera model back in June. So far, so good.
    12-23-11 07:34 PM