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    - I have a little confusion after read some of the recent thread about the new update, hope somebody can help me.

    Well in short words I've used Sachesi to updated my z10 to 10.2 and didn't have any problems and then updated to 10.2.1 via OTA and you know how it goes. *I want to add that I had never used an autoloader to updated my z10 yet.*

    But now I've read some saying that when you use Sachesi to update, the radio bar (Still don't know exactly what is but have and idea) doesn't update. I've even read some people that updated via Sachesi but later use autoloader because of the radio bar.

    So to not make things longer (Ik I already did) when use Sachesi to get the latest os, is it updating all the bars that it suppose? Or not? And when you use autoloader to updated, does it wipe your device?

    Thanks and sorry for my English.

    Posted via CB10
    02-16-14 10:37 AM
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    Using an autoloader does wipe your device. You can either set it up back from scratch or do a restore from you back up in LINK.

    Here is a guide to help you with Sachesi http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...achesi-904841/
    02-17-14 11:02 AM
  3. ff1520's Avatar
    I updated to using Sachesi and had no issues and it DID Update the radio file.

    Posted via CB10 On Z10 STL100-4 v.
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    02-17-14 11:58 AM

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