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    Yesterday I read, that Crackberry is not supposed to be a safe space for making false claims. Okay, it's October, time for another interim conclusion to the rumors around BlackBerry Mobile, published here on CB 27.06.2019 (Disturbing news…?).

    "Rumor" Number 1: BlackBerry Mobile breaks update promise for KEYone!
    Contrary to the commitment from the Android Recommended Program, BlackBerry Mobile has not delivered any further official security updates for the vast majority of KEYone users via OTA since April. Only Telus, Rogers and At&T released individual patches for their KEYone customers after April, the latest being the September update ACD561 at AT&T. The rest of the world is waiting. Or?

    "Rumor" Number 2: No update for the KEY2 models on Android PIE!
    It's October and still no update on PIE in sight for KEY2 owners. By now at the latest, everyone will probably be worried or concerned about whether BlackBerry Mobile will keep its promise. Or?

    "Rumor" number 3: A successor for KEY2 is coming!
    Unfortunately, my sources and I were probably wrong with this statement. And that's what I mean. Because I would have been personally very happy about another PKB smartphone with the announced, extraordinary features. Therefore I had to correct my prognosis on 09.09.2019, the probability for a successor of the KEY2 is only 30:70. Other oracles here on CB speak of 25%, but that doesn't make any serious difference. So far, no leaks or benchmark tests have emerged. Or?

    "Rumor" number 4: BlackBerry Mobile sacks almost all employees!
    Well, it was less of a rumor, because the dismissals were personally confirmed by the affected colleagues. But now the chieftains of Blackberry Mobile Lejeune, Mahieu, Gere etc. are obviously gone as well. And only very, very few employees still hold the position, at least here in Europe.

    Rumour number 5: More to come!
    In my last post on CB in about two months!

    The random blogger - proud member of the SmackBerry group
    10-01-19 01:19 AM
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    Well here we are in October and not a whisper of PIE. Time to be concerned? How far we have fallen!
    10-01-19 01:22 PM
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    Well here we are in October and not a whisper of PIE. Time to be concerned? How far we have fallen!
    What we need is a PIE Whisperer...

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    10-01-19 01:45 PM
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    welcome back.
    no news is good news!!
    10-01-19 03:02 PM
  5. anon(10387168)'s Avatar
    welcome back.
    no news is good news!!
    Hahaha, that is one way of looking at it. I'm here waiting to see if it's time to sell my K2 SE.

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    10-01-19 03:21 PM
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    There's still nothing "official" and IMO we're unlikely to get anything official - TCL doesn't seem interested in sharing anything "officially" unless it's positive news (or at least positive spin).

    And, yes, some additional pieces of information have slipped out through non-official sources over the last month or so, that have given us a more complete picture of the situation - and, yes, none of it is good.

    CB has never prohibited *opinions* - they just don't want to be seen endorsing rumors as "official fact". But even conite has gone on record recently as acknowledging that expectations have clearly been missed - something that technically hadn't been true earlier.

    Not having full, official facts is frustrating for everyone, but such things are frankly in short supply, and not everyone is going to agree on what rumors actually mean, so you ultimately have to make your own decisions based on the few facts we have and the reports and rumors and other information that is uncovered.
    10-01-19 03:58 PM
  7. Gene Fells's Avatar

    The random blogger - proud member of the SmackBerry group
    Welcome back. Hope to see you around here more in the future.
    10-01-19 06:52 PM

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