02-26-13 11:40 AM
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  1. 1REDRUM's Avatar
    An ATT store manger and trusted friend said ATT release was March 22.


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    Wow! Someone from At&T that actually knows what they are talking about!
    02-26-13 09:11 AM
  2. dcwbearsaint's Avatar
    I just got of the phone with the folks from BlackBerry (RIM) in regards to the BB Ready program. They wanted to confirm the SRP # on my BES10 install and shipping address for the Z10. She told me that a mid March timeframe was expected for AT&T and that the promotional unit would ship 4 weeks afterwards. So mid March is the information from the folks following up on the BB Ready program in regards to AT&T in the USA. I have been waiting way too long, but I do hope it arrives with a fix for the Bluetooth hands free bug when released.

    I am on the fence to pay for one when released and get another 4 weeks later....HUMMMM that gives me options.
    02-26-13 11:40 AM
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