1. kristl81's Avatar
    i did a search and couldn't find what i was looking for. basically, i'm reading some of the blackberry 101 lectures and would like to set a specific part of a song as my ringtones. and it's being difficult of course.

    1: i used my bf's computer to drag and drop some songs onto my sd card (plugged the phone into the computer with the usb). my computer doesn't pick up the folder that those songs are in. they show up on my phone, but not on my laptop.

    2. when i go into DM and get to the media screen, i have 3 options...something to do with vcast and rhapsody, then roxio media mgr, then bb media sync. i assume everyone's is the same? anyway, where the start buttons for each option are, the roxio one won't let me click on it. can someone help me figure out why? thanks!

    i'm new to smartphones, so any and all help is greatly appreciated...although i must say, i think i'm really not doing to bad
    10-02-09 03:00 AM
  2. Snarfler's Avatar
    When you plug the phone into your computer, do you see the SD card, or just the phone memory? On mine, the phone aqnd the SD card show up as separate drives.

    Do you have the Roxio Media Manager installed? On my PC by default it loaded into C:\Program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\MediaManager9.exe If you have that, can you run it directly (instead of via DM) ?
    10-02-09 09:37 AM
  3. kristl81's Avatar
    no, i just see the sd card and the internal memory, but there are folders on the card because we put them in there. so i'm not sure why they're not showing up. also, i thought i installed the roxio when i installed DM. how would i go about reinstalling it so it's there? thanks!
    10-02-09 12:10 PM