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    hello guys i just bougth a curve 8520 some days ago
    and i was unable to use my wifi
    i cant autoconnect to my homes wifi cause i get an "unable to find ip" error
    so i have to mannualy write down ip/DNS/gateway/etc data to the BB
    finally i can connect but i still cant browse cause i get the "Unable to find requested server" error on the browser

    at first i thought it was my BB problem so i read almost all guides avalable to set up wifi on the net and still got no success
    so then i thought my carrier was someway blocking wifi in my device
    but yesterday i took my BB to my gf house and i succesfully browse the net with my device wifi

    so i think i need to tweak something in my router (?) open up some ports, i really dont have a clue but its kinda clear that the device its fine and can enter to wifi

    i cant find any gude related to this so anybody cant help me?, thanks
    sorry about my english :P
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