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    I never liked their service anyway always had to get transfered here and there. Now its even worse because everytime I get transfered I have to hold for 1 hour especially technical support and customercare. One of their agents told me that all of their departments are short staff and service level is zero. Management does not give a **** and they are not hiring any people. Making employees work like slave. They are robbing people but not willing to provide services properly. If you had same experience with Rogers techsupport in last few months please share your story below.

    I loved uncle TED ROGERS but since this new CEO NADIR took charge company is getting worse and worse...
    I hope GOD give them some sense and they hire more people to support their customers.

    - Terry Jones
    09-13-10 03:15 PM
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    Don't double post the same thing. Your first thread was started in the correct place though.

    09-13-10 03:44 PM