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    Well guys I've been following the site for months, I decided it was time to take the plunge because literally I need the device to keep me in one piece.

    I was debating on the Iphone, but after WWDC they released a phone that lacked too many key features. If all I wanted to do was surf the net, then maybe, but right now the Bold looks to be the hands down favourite for productivity (and it looks hot).

    My question is if you're a rogers users what data plans did you add to your voice plan for most bang for your buck?

    I want unlimited email (personal, not business) and unlimited browsing. Anyone have any tips on what I should be looking for? Anyone who lives in Canada knows rogers is terrible in store when it comes to customer service and the website does list data plans, but from my experience not everything is listed.

    Also rumors are Rogers Data plans will change near the end of the month .. Anyways and suggestions on what people are using would be fantastic.

    (Thanks for answering, and loving the crackberry community so far)
    06-12-08 05:11 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    My biggest issue with Rogers are the low data caps and the excessive data overcharges.

    The Data Overage plan helps a bit:

    If unexpected data usage takes you over the amount of data included in your plan in a given month, Rogers Overage Protection feature will help lower your overage cost. As you use more megabytes, Overage Protection automatically decreases the per megabyte rate.

    The Overage Protection feature starts working when you go above the amount of megabytes in your data plan each month.

    For the first 5 megabytes (MB) over the number of MBs included in your plan, the rate per MB will be $10 or $7 (depending on the plan - see below).

    For the next 5 MB over, the rate drops to $5 per MB.

    For the next 10 MB over, the rate drops to $1 per MB.

    After 20 MB over, the rate drops to $0.50 per MB.

    The Overage Protection feature will activate automatically when you go over your monthly data allotment and adjust your costs based on your actual usage.
    In practice, the $15 BlackBerry plan is the best deal, even though it is capped at 1.5 Mb.

    After you get through the next 20 Mb ($85), the rate drops to $0.50 Mb, about where it should be in the first place.

    1.5 Mb - $15
    20 Mb - 85
    80 Mb - 40

    100 Mb $140
    100 + 50.00

    200 Mb $190 + taxes and service charges

    I am eagerly waiting for July. Bold and iPhone will be offered side by side. If they are going to tweek the plan, that is where it will happen first.

    Would it be too much to ask for Bold and unlimited UMA data for a reasonable price?
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    Ive heard the same rumors pertaining to the new data plans as well. I hope that they come out with an unlimited plan as Bell and Telus have. I currently use the 25MB plan through Rogers too and it seems to be enough but at the same time alot of other carriers are offering unlimited plans for half the price so I would say use the 25MB plan till they drop the unlimited... its only a matter of time.
    06-12-08 06:47 PM