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    I just bought the Motorola S9-HD's to use with my Storm 2 when I jog, however, they cut out quite a bit when I'm running outside. I was just wondering how the Rocketfish in-ear behind-the-head ones compared.

    I'm looking for a lot better reception and at least as good sound quality as the S9-HD's (when they can connect). Thanks for the opinions and here's a link to them at Best Buy. RocketFish Mobile - Behind-the-Head Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    12-02-09 09:24 PM
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    I just recently purchased the Rocketfish pair this week. I've been shopping for a stereo headset for a while and had been leaning towards the S9-HD's but have been wary of the reception quality than I have read about in other reviews. I saw these at BB and decided, what the ****!

    Upon opening, I noticed that the construction quality is not the greatest, but certainly not the worst. One of the earpieces actually separated from the main body of the set while taking them off after one of my initial sessions. I'm not talking about the rubber earpiece, I'm saying the entire speaker only staying attached by its' wires. After snapping it back on, I concluded that if it happens again, I can just use some adhesive to fix since it didn't affect its' performance.

    I use the headset with both my netbook and Samsung cell phone. Both devices sync well with it, providing excellent sound quality. For voice calls, the other person sounded very full and clear. I was surprised at the level of 'presence' of their voice. Stored MP3's stored on my phone didn't sound hot at all but I associate that to the compression of those files on my phone. When using my netbook, all audio including my MP3's sounded pristine and full with a very decent level of bass.

    I like the fact that it can pair with two devices. I can watch my shows on my computer and answer the phone on the fly......no problem. The shuttle functions work great and controls both Windows Media Player and my cell phone, allowing me to skip through my playlists.

    I would recommend this headset. I am quite a snob when it comes to technology. I believe that you get what you pay for. I went out on a limb buying this product and I am glad I did. I am concerned about the build quality but sound performance and functionality trump that in this case, especially if a little dab of glue will do the trick.

    Good luck
    12-10-09 10:06 PM
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    Does the Rocketfish support voice dialing? I read good reviews about this set and plan on going to Best Buy tom.
    12-11-09 11:03 PM
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    The Rocketfish works great with my Samsung Alias 2 in regards to voice dialing. With a press of a button on the headset, I can dial or check the status of my phone on the go.

    In fact, before I had had this headset, I could NEVER get my phone to properly recognize my voice and I determined that voice command is utterly useless on this phone. Now, using the Rocketfish, my phone follows my commands the first time.

    Again, if you purchase, take care with the buds separating from the main body of the headset as I mentioned in my first post. If they come off, don't let it be a deal breaker unless the wires get damaged. It's a minor manufacturing issue that is very easily remedied.
    12-12-09 10:35 AM
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    I just received my Rocketfish today ( got it on ebay for $18). I'm happy with it compact, lightweight, great sound, has a couple of different equalizer settings,voice dialing works,slacker works except for FF RW.

    I will say that if you have a big head it might be tight, I would of really liked to seen a adjustable headband. Other annoyance is the flashing blue LED when powered on, is this really necessary, at least make it solid instead of flashing.

    Overall I think it's a great product maybe they will improve on this one and add the adjustable headband. It will come in handy for the gym or bike riding.

    I just want to add after playing around with the headphones a little more there is a certain way to wear the headphones and I wasn't wearing them correct. The band that goes around the back of the neck should be in a downward position, I was wearing them in more of a level position, hence why they were so tight. I must say after playing with eq settings these headphones sound better then a lot of wired sets.
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    12-16-09 11:29 PM