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    Hi all,

    Long story short, I've been searching for a good security app for my blackberry that would allow me to recover it if stolen, so far I've only found the ones below:

    Roblock: being as stable as it currently is, doesn't seem like a good option.

    Bak2u: seems Very interesting, except it would be more helpful if it had GPS tracking.

    GadgetTrak: I only recently discovered, seems to have all of the features of Roblock, as well as being endorsed by AT&T - Could this be a more stable version or equivalent of Roblock?


    Any insight appreciated. Thanks.

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    02-03-09 03:57 PM
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    Hey nrBold...

    I have just tried GetItBack from Convenience Software. It pretty much does EVERYTHING we need. I'm in agreeement with you on your needs for tracking software.

    Download the demo from Mobile Software and Games for your PDA or Smartphone : Handango. Create an account and login to Convenience Software and check it out.

    It is awesome. The only thing it doesn't do (or maybe I haven't found it yet) is remotely wipe the device.

    Let me know what you think if you get a chance.
    02-04-09 07:59 AM