1. courierguy's Avatar
    Hello all,
    I run a small courier service from the road. My BB (currently Bold 9650/Verizon) is my link to customers and services.

    Is there someplace at the forums here for users who use their phones for mission critical activities? Any help appreciated.

    Current needs: mobile credit card processing app that is cheap/easy. Like Square! Currently clients make credit card payments through my site (using Paypal), but I wish I had the ability to take cc information on occasion.

    Would like a mobile database app. Which forms app works best? Just want to take in basic information, and be able to dump it to excel.

    Would like to know best bluetooth headset for the Bold... currently use Jawbone Prime. Since going with Bold results have been spotty.
    Would love a headset that had ringtone support, but sound quality (and volume) in a noisy environment is most important.

    So, in addition to these specifics, looking for like-situated users who can share experiences/advice.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    10-09-10 10:34 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    There are several credit card options. Depends on if you already have a merchant account, or need one. I use Mobile Merchant Pro, which will tie in with your own merchant or PayPal Pro account (or you can sign up for their merchant account processing).

    You should already have Docs2Go on your BlackBerry, which will have Sheets2Go in it, if you just want to put info into an Excel spreadsheet to begin with. You'll have to either create the spreadsheet on PC, then send it to your BB for editing, or purchase the premium version to create your own spreadsheets on your BB.

    I use both of those, plus I use RDM+ to connect to my office PC where I can input invoices and access other files that I don't have on my BB.
    10-09-10 12:04 PM
  3. courierguy's Avatar
    What is RDM+ ??

    Don't have Paypal Pro. Currently push cc users to my site to make payments through the paypal system. Will look into pro..

    Will try the docs2go solution..

    10-09-10 12:41 PM