1. 2015Girl's Avatar
    What ringtones do ya'll have?
    05-13-11 02:10 PM
  2. elvin1983's Avatar

    Almost anything from Dimmu Borgir.

    I'm also not ashamed to say I've got a few Lady Gaga ringtones as well... I just don't let anyone hear them.
    05-13-11 02:40 PM
  3. tbrenn's Avatar
    i don't use ringtones. just the default phone one... I'd hate to be in a meeting with a client, and have friday by rebecca black start playing as someone calls me...

    Idid however customize the notification sounds for the device. For msn messanger messages, i have the msn sound that plays on the computer. same for yahoo IM, google talk, and facebook chat... mkes it easy to know what the notifications are...
    05-13-11 03:29 PM
  4. ekafara's Avatar
    I used to have different ring tones on my old BB(pearl) but on my 9700 I have just left them at the default settings. Pretty boring hey

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    05-13-11 10:00 PM
  5. trinityrose70's Avatar
    I have Grenade by Bruno Mars at the moment.
    05-14-11 06:02 AM