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    So I happen to be a person who's really into music, and naturally i want to have an awesome song as my ringtone. This was pretty easy on the normal verizon phone i had before my Curve, with verizon's music services. But with a BB I can't access SongID or buy any ringtones through verizon anymore, which limited me to free ringtones for a while. These usually have a terrible selection so finding exactly what you want can be difficult. I heard that some pay sites have better selections, and that there are programs you can buy to make ringtones, but I am kind of cheap and currently living on a grad student stipend and I was finding it difficult to justify the expense.

    Then i had an epiphany: the free ringtones i had downloaded (mostly from this site) were all shortened mp3 files. Why couldn't i just DL an mp3 editor (WavePad, for instance, is free) and make my own? So i did. And i've been making some pretty cool, and totally free, ringtones for myself and my girlfriend ever since.

    Now to the point. This situation is making me wonder if i missed something here. If this can be done so easily, how is it that people are able to charge for programs and services that do the same thing? Is there some advantage to these pay services? I have been at this for a little while and haven't seen one. Quality and file size are comparable to anything i have seen or heard about, and obviously selection isn't a problem. I can't be the first person to have this idea, so how can anyone charge for this? Just wondering if my situation is a little too good to be true. Any input or feedback people have would be welcome, thanks
    11-24-08 12:31 PM
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    I dont use wavepad but I do use Audacity. People charge for this service simply because there are people out there that are willing to pay. Some people just dont have time to mess with editors. That and having to dowload a certain song you like and spend the wole five minutes clippping it.
    11-24-08 12:44 PM
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    I have a editor as well I can even use audio files and live recording clip out sections and cut and paste making two songs into one ring tone. I run the sound at church and the pastor wanted me to have the program we use to make our preaching cds so i can edit the files at home and burn cds when he needs them
    It is a sweet program I just take advantage of it a lot.

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    11-24-08 01:22 PM
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    I just use zedge.com. I can uplead any of my music files, get the clip I want and the save it to my bb desktop manager then transfer to my berry. Totally free and you don't have to download any program. Its super easy, as well. You do have to register, but I've been using it for about six months and and I've never gotten spam or any emails from them, so I don't know how anyone would want to pay for something so free and easy. But hey people make money from stupid people all the time haha.

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    11-26-08 11:07 AM
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    If this can be done so easily, how is it that people are able to charge for programs and services that do the same thing?

    I smacked my sister the other day for spending like $15 on ringtones when I could have made every one of them for her with Audacity.

    Plus, look in the ringtone section of this site and there are hundreds of free ringtones (some better than others) mostly made and uploaded by Crackberry members.
    11-26-08 11:48 AM
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    I just put an audio file in Windows Movie Maker and edit it to how long I want it to play then "publish the movie" and I'm left with an audio file I can just drag and drop into my phone. Didn't have to download anything and the quality is just fine.

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    11-26-08 01:15 PM