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    Dearest RIM,
    I've been with Bberry nation for the past 5years and let me say the playbook is the most progress I've seen thus far,I absolutely love it.As a small investor(couple thousands) its ok- investments doesn't always take of or payoff.however you accompanied major companies over the past year,the new phones is the most advancement I've seen since 2008.
    My personal ideas that I want to see on Bberry,NOT apple,android and whatever new companies plan on launching. Let's face it, Skype for the playbook is a must.we need it so get it.or the video app on the playbook,must be upgraded so we can get hotmail,yahoo,gmail facetime,cause not everyone will be able to buy a playbook.
    2 Your phones are so suave and sexy and you will fail at it, why are they not 4G?,where is the front facing camera?on bbm yoyou need to get a video chat on it with a front facing camera.I have a lot more great ideas for BBerry to return to its famous throne,cause we know we can do it.Everyone else can,why the **** can't we not?
    This is just my ideas and is not open to debate with fellow Crackberry users. However it is open to the RandD at RIM in waterloo or Ottawa location.

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    05-17-11 05:35 PM
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    Is this a letter you wrote to RIM and wanted to share?
    05-17-11 05:42 PM
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    this letter isnt even formal enough to begin with.
    05-22-11 02:13 AM