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    I have been a BlackBerry abuser for about 18 months now. Although I have it for work, I have been slowly using it for more of my personal information. The last thing that I have to integrate is my calendar. I wanted my work calendar (which is in Lotus Notes) and my personal calendar (which is in Outlook) to be completely seperate.

    After adding my gmail account to my BES BlackBerry, I noticed that I now have two calendars - one for my BES and one for my gmail account. However, whenever I try to sync anything to my gmail calendar, I cannot.

    Why would RIM give the functionality to have two calendars, but not the functionality to sync to them individually?

    I have tried using google sync, wireless sync, sync using DM and I cannot figure it out. If anyone has any suggestions out there, I am all ears.
    09-23-09 04:02 PM