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    And Sadness falls over the land at crackberry nation.
    So here is something I came across. Made me kinda sad cause it looks like they are looking at the option of selling and see how much they can get maybe??? You dont talk to a bank unless you were looking at selling the company . What do you guys think ??
    I really hope they dont sell before they gave bb10 a proper shot.

    RIM Is Said to Discuss Hiring Bank to Weigh Options - Bloomberg
    04-17-12 12:05 AM
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    Please merge with existing thread on this...
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    04-17-12 12:12 AM
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    I don't think RIM would be sold until they have a go at bb10 first.

    I think the bankers were hired maybe to help with joint ventures.
    04-17-12 12:12 AM
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    04-17-12 12:26 AM