1. PaulFowler's Avatar
    iv been having an issue with my blackberry lately
    a diagaonal line of dead pixels have come in from the left hand corner of my bold

    poped into the o2 shop and the man said that its quicker and easier for me to ring RIM myself and get it sorted that way. he said the numbers in the box.

    trouble is iv looked and ther is no number and i cannot find one on the site either

    please can anybody help me?
    03-07-09 07:44 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I'm afraid the man didn't know what he was talking about, or was just trying to get rid of you. RIM doesn't provide support direct to the customer. If your Bold is still in warranty, take it back to the shop and politely insist on speaking to someone else. Within 30 days you get a new phone. After 30 days and up to a year, you get a refurbished phone. That's RIM's standard warranty.
    03-07-09 08:26 AM
  3. anon(1522652)'s Avatar
    Agreed. Your contract is with the retailer and not the manufacturer.

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    03-07-09 09:08 AM
  4. PaulFowler's Avatar
    hmm well i will try a different o2 store and see if they fob me off with the same story

    managed to get a number from for rim though from o2
    dont no if it will be any help asking them?
    03-07-09 10:16 AM
  5. jeffh's Avatar
    Any number you got from O2 will be likely be a "for-fee" number. It won't hurt to call it, find out the charge, and then decide if you want to pay it. RIM might not charge you, just to tell you to go back to your carrier for service.
    03-07-09 10:23 AM
  6. PaulFowler's Avatar
    Yea. I don't see why I should have to pay seen as the phones only 2 months old. Don't see why I should be stuck with a defect screen either!

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    03-07-09 02:25 PM
  7. jeffh's Avatar
    Take your sales receipt to a different store. You are outside the free new replacement window, but you can get a refurbished unit. That's RIM's standard warranty. The carrier has to honor it.
    03-07-09 02:42 PM
  8. PaulFowler's Avatar
    Well aslong as it hasn't got dead pixels I'm not bothered. If the worst comes to worst I have it insured so cud just claim on that

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    03-07-09 03:16 PM
  9. bandit_colls's Avatar
    dont bother going shop, thats what insurance is for just do it son, do it!
    03-07-09 03:24 PM
  10. PaulFowler's Avatar
    I will see what the shop say first coz I think its a 25 pound exess on insurance

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    03-07-09 03:33 PM
  11. PaulFowler's Avatar
    has all been one big joke really!
    o2 wanted to have nothing to do with me or my blackberry
    they gave me a number for RIM to get it fixed not telling me it was to be fixed for a fee! (126 for a replacement screen!)

    in the end just rang the phone insurance and they have a new one coming to me tomorow
    03-10-09 10:03 AM