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    I'm not sure if this has been posted, but this is a pretty good article. It almost seems like everyone is suing everyone for everything. Trying to make a quick buck I guess.

    RIM sued for patent infringement
    11-09-08 03:48 PM
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    Everyone is just jealous cause RIM makes the best phones and gettin all the money they gonna run the prices up on all the future models if they not carful.
    11-09-08 03:59 PM
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    Patent litigation is part of doing business, Research In Motion has been through a few of them.

    The right idea, at the right time. It is a matter of who registered it first.

    The subject matter is on the server service side.
    11-09-08 05:28 PM
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    I think the US Patent Office is who created a lot of these problems. As soon as they started letting companies file patents on ideas that hadn't been developed yet, like ideas on data flow and push technology, and things that might come in the future, is when a lot of these patent infringement lawsuits started happening. If they would have stuck with the facts of having a solid workable product that actually used the technology at hand, I think we would see a lot less of this crap. Essentially it comes down to one company does well and makes lots of money, and everyone else thinks they are entitled to a piece of it. Come on, get real. If all these small companies really had something to offer, other than some kind of "idea" data movement technology that is just built off an idea scratched on paper, they would be making the big money like RIM is. A lot of these patents are just that, and nothing solid. I think this whole mess that continues to occur with patent infringement is based in our government. THE US Patent Office allowed this to occur. Its not like they are ever going to do anything to prohibit RIM from continuing on as a major corporation. Kinda like the last time they threatened to shut down the blackberry network, and a number of government officials, including the likes of the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service got a federal judge to nix that, because they apparently use lots of BB's. RIM will pay some money, this company will shut up, and all will be happy again. Its not like they are ever going to get RIM shut down.....period.
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    11-10-08 07:04 PM
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    I think the US Patent Office is who created a lot of these problems....
    Well said fyrfyter.

    RIM definitely continues to be one of the players with the big target on their back.
    11-10-08 07:42 PM
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    Sounds like Mformation is pretty desperate for funds.
    11-11-08 01:18 AM
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    Well at least Mformation actually does something as a company and this COULD be legitimate...unlike most of RIM's past lawsuits for patent infringement. I agree with fyrfyter that the Patent Office is a majority holder of the blame here and continues to display corruption. But then what part of the government doesn't?

    Problem is we should all be ticked off because companies NEVER pay for these trivial problems with doing business. It is called shrink and people pay for it. The consumers and the employees. The scary thing is that it is usually easier and cheaper for a company like RIM to just settle out of court for hundreds of millions of dollars.
    11-11-08 04:23 AM
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    Quoted from my professor of business law.... "Who do you sue? You sue EVERYBODY!"

    I agree with dakatone... if necessary, it will be settled, unless it is too big of a price tag attached to it.
    11-11-08 05:18 AM
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    This is right up my alley. Firstly; just because Mformation may not be as recognized a company, or have as big a piggy bank as RIM does...it doesn't mean they're taking advantage of our litigious society and are trying to leech off the company who can write more checks; in larger sums.

    Mformation offers services that are created through the existence of devices/accessories that RIM manufactures. Therefore, Mformation finds itself in a niche market of providing third-party support for a need; or some needs...created by RIM's products. This can be found in many NUMEROUS examples; here's a popular one...Apple created the iPod; and from there other third-party developers created utilities which work on the iPod platform...which Apple itself didn't include in the product.

    RIM may have stepped on Mformation's toes by trying to circumvent the service already provided by Mformation. This is a legit lawsuit as from what I can see based on the information present. As far as the U.S. Patent Office goes; they are a well-needed entity for commerce...and is a much needed cash cow for the federal government. They serve just as vital a role of preventing issues; as it does in being a catalyst to creating issues.
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    11-11-08 03:10 PM