01-21-13 04:51 AM
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  1. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Merci Beaucoup Mon Ami.
    Make sure that that the French Bread is hot and fresh for me when I get to Paris!
    Fire me a PM when you're there, We'll get all that goes along with "baguette" (basically ... everything lol).
    01-18-13 02:50 PM
  2. CranBerry413's Avatar
    Fire me a PM when you're there, We'll get all that goes along with "baguette" (basically ... everything lol).
    It will be some time before I make that trip. However, once I do I will contact you. Especially, since my BlackBerry 9930 can be used in Europe.
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    01-18-13 02:53 PM
  3. kfh227's Avatar
    They just need to show that iOS and Android are 6 year old experiences (when iPod came out in 2007). The GUI has not changed. It is time for something fresh and new and "cool". This is sadly something MSFT missed out on even though it is painfully obvious. Tinkered with my first windows 8 phone today. Slicker than iOS and Android but the user experience is a mess. Different size "live tiles". Are those all "live tiles"? It's a mess. MSFT is a mish mash. RIMM needs to show how neat and rational things are in BB10. Even Justin Beiber fans can see this.

    RIMM can capitalize on this!

    FWIW: I don't care if RIMM uses my ideas. A thank you from a reputable source would be nice though (granted i don't know what that is)

    My interest:
    Time to Buy Research In Motion?
    I wrote that 8 months ago.
    01-19-13 12:51 AM
  4. chrysaurora's Avatar
    My idea/suggestion for RIM is this:

    I think RIM should start a "trial" or "loaner" service. RIM should allocate a few "loaner" BB 10 devices for each store. When somebody comes to purchase a phone, the sales-rep should offer their customer a 2-day trial of BlackBerry 10 device at no charge. After trial period, customer can purchase a BlackBerry 10 device (and get some started credits/promo) or purchase another (non BB) device. No obligations. No charge.

    I think BlackBerry is kind of a device that you start to "love" only after you've experienced it for a few days. It's very difficult to explain / demo BlackBerry "experience". Just showing features doesn't give user an idea of how nice/productive a BlackBerry experience is. So, if RIM offered 2-day loaners/trials, I think they'd manage to sway a lot of customers. Plus, these (new) BlackBerry customers will also become your word-of-mouth troops.
    01-20-13 07:41 PM
  5. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Me lady, and all the women I know, love the show Project Runway. I think a great idea would for RIM to sponsor an episode. Can't you see Heidi Klum holding a white 10 saying "Today you are going to design to compliment the fabulous new BlackBerry. Experience the Peek and Flow and amazing time shift camera. And as a special bonus, you will be able to use BBM video chat to get advice from your favorite major designer anywhere around the world."
    Not directly related to your posting but yet, I believe women are too often omitted ... way too much.
    This one is not tech oriented ... at all (maybe the chosen words are wrong ... but I finally thought the "French maladroit wording" may give some "cachet" to the message lol)

    RIM is reading ? Be creative !!-sweetheart.png
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    01-21-13 04:51 AM
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