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    I recently saw a report saying that Research in Motion missed expectations this last quarter and that the stock had been pummeled as a result. I just wanted to say I bought my first Blackberry ever last quarter. I love my new blackberry. I plan to use this platform as long as I need a mobile email client. In other words I'm a crack berry addict for life. Take that wall street!

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    09-28-09 05:08 AM
  2. Tõnis's Avatar
    Hmmm. Yes, I was thinking somewhere along these lines, too. My Blackberry is the best phone I ever had, and I can't forsee myself buying any other phone, but I wonder if too much hype might lead to unneccessary expansion. I think of Krispy Kreme donuts ... When it came to my area, there was so much hype, public company and all. Krispy Kreme donuts are good -- I would still buy them and eat them occasionally, if available -- but the stores are gone.

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    09-28-09 07:56 AM
  3. dcgore's Avatar
    RIM is a great company, in fact it is the fastest growing company out there. RIMM is considered one of the 5 golden stocks so when there's a downturn investors go to stocks like RIMM for growth return. When a company such as this one misses expectations even by a penny, the stock will be driven down at least 5 %. and by this point investors most likely have put options on the stock. Even after a 17.036% loss in the last couple days, RIMM is up 69.81% YTD (Year to Date). At any rate, bberries are beloved devices and i like most of you, swear by them.
    09-28-09 08:15 AM
  4. crackzilla's Avatar
    In this economic climate the smallest ripple has a profound effect on the said stock. RIM is a wall street sweetheart for now anyway.
    09-28-09 09:00 AM
  5. Coruptyed's Avatar
    Ya with the economy the way it is I wouldn't look too much into what the stocks are showing

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    09-28-09 09:07 AM
  6. danimal1968's Avatar
    RIM missed expectations that were based on what they had put out there last quarter. Companies that do that see their stocks punished. Just the way it works.
    09-28-09 09:48 AM