1. timmy t's Avatar
    I see these people demoing the phones and they seem to have to be careful not to show people confidential emails when they are showing the peek and flow feature.
    Why don't they go into the personal mode of Balance so those confidential corporate messages can't be seen or filmed?
    Do they know how their own phones work?
    11-19-12 08:47 AM
  2. menaknow's Avatar
    LOL, that is a great idea. I hope someone at RIM is listening...
    11-19-12 09:01 AM
  3. amjass12's Avatar
    i thought the phones that they use in the videos are all examples (ive not looked closely).

    So i didnt think they were real emails, but demo ones... lol yes they should be careful if it is real!
    11-19-12 09:12 AM
  4. ichat's Avatar
    See how powerful our community is here at CB? We know better than executives xD

    But yeh, good idea, hopefully you guys are listening to us and maybe, just maybe you guys can send me a free bb10 London?

    I'm not asking *what are you looking at*

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9860 on with Tapatalk and my fingers
    11-19-12 10:55 AM

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