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    Apple CEO Steve Jobs made it quite clear what company he wants to upend: Research in Motion. The next month will tell if RIMís response will be enough to silence the recently chatty Jobs. In fact, some analysts speculate that the next month will dictate RIMís performance in 2009 (and possibly beyond).

    The issue: RIM is launching a bevy of devicesĖnotably the Bold and Storm (right)Ėthat will either fuel a product cycle that will launch the company into new markets. Or RIM will go for the brass ring and miss. There may be some wiggle room for an in-between performance, but RIM is clearly going for it. The big question: Will RIMís arsenal of devices catapult the company and Blackberry platform to the next level?

    RIM: The next month is critical with Blackberry sales mixed | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
    10-29-08 04:36 AM
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    Honestly speeking as a whole.... I really don't think blackberrys are going away anytime soon no matter what happens in the next month.....

    There is way to many businesses that have fully implimented blackberrys to just have them go away.... To many have to keep upkeep by buying new devices

    Switching to the iphone isn't a option for alot of companys....

    dont get me wrong im not biased I like my iPhone its a great device but it lacks on some key features offered with communication of a blackberry the most notable currently is that if you leave a application right now it closes completely there is no back ground proccesses for thirdparty apps..... so things like instant messenger and so on you cant keep them connected without staying on the screen....

    Thats a huge flaw when you think about how much a blackberry enables communication....

    keep in mind the software that came on the device can run multiples

    also the lack of true push email for users outside of a business.......

    kind of bad I honestly don't think the next month is going to declare anything

    if you look at rims track record they may not have nailed every technology they put out there on the first try but there persistence and learning from there mistakes paid off in the end...

    (from a IT standpoint)---->>>
    I can say even 6 years ago in my job I was having major issues with blackberrys not working.... with certain situations and emails failing to be sent ... but today its about flawless .....
    10-29-08 05:30 AM
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    "RIMs fate is binary". Bollocks.
    10-29-08 07:39 AM
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    i think this is very true. If RIM succeeds, they will continue their dominance in the smartphone arena along with apple and the g1. If they fail, it wont happen over a fiscal qtr. They will slowly lose marketshare (hopefully not). I personally believe that the bold is the best thing since sliced bread. Also, BB are still the bellwethers of the corporate consumer, and unless apple enhances their email, BB will continue to dominate.

    What worries me about RIM is that it has so much of the smartphone share already that i think that they might have potentially hit a ceiling (over 50% i think from what i saw on a BB forum website), especially with increased competition from other phones.

    On the other hand, one can make the arguement that RIM is just tapping into the consumer market, which is growing exponentially. I live in the northeast (US) and everyone is either getting an iphone, a BB, or a G1 (most recently).
    10-29-08 08:26 AM