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    IMHO, the Moto Atrix is the highest spec'd smarphone even to this day,...and it is the perfect size, etc. The only thing I know I'll miss for sure about my BB is the trackpad! RIM desperately needs a BB Atrix type device! RIM is forgetting that folks have access to the internet,...that they (we) can think,...and that we know exactly what we want in a smartphone! That is why Apple has been so successful,...ditto for Android. The number one thing I like about BB is the UI,..but I'm sure that I will adjust to another UI after a few walks around the block. Sure, the BB 9800 was a step forward,....but it was short spec'd from the get go,...the only reason I have one is because Best Buy had dropped the price to $0.00. As already noted, a 21% lost is a hard pill to swallow for investors and RIM has nothing but themselves to blame. RIM thinks that their wonderful "keyboard" is their life raft. That is far from the truth as many long-time BB users will no doubt defect to a smartphone sans a keyboard. Im one to hang on to a brand for a long time,...that is until the designers lose focus and no longer make a a product appealing for my taste,...wants or needs. This is where RIM failed. Now, before all of you BB fanboys try to crush this post,...just remember it was RIM that lost 21%,...not you, so you can say what you want.

    In parting,...lets see, your stock drops 21%,...investors are weiry,...your top exec defects to Samsung,...your sixth largest investor is backing out,...and you're delaying the release of better phones! Wow! What gives?

    I've spoken,...off to AT&T to try the Atrix fo at least 30 days!
    06-18-11 12:57 PM
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    06-18-11 01:05 PM
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    You won't be able to have more than 8 windows open, you will develop lag after two weeks, your radio won't be able to pick up a signal on the Metro, a lot of the Android Market apps won't work, your won't have deep profiles.....
    I *had* an Atrix. I'm back on my Torch.
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    06-18-11 01:06 PM